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Naval Wargaming Pages

General Quarters - the 'standard' WW1 and WW2 naval rules, and the infamous "Modern General Quarters" variant!.

Shipwreck - devoted to the modern naval rules from Vandering Publications

Pieces of Eight - Rules for pirate actions on land and sea from Peter Pig. New rules and other "stuff"

Victory at Sea - Suggested amendments and additions to Mongoose Publishing's new WW2 fast play naval rules.

Scenarios and Campaign Settings

Disputed Territory - (PDF file, 388k). A modern naval campaign set in the waters between Indonesia and Australia, written by Mal Wright. This scenario was published in "Battlefleet" and later in its current form in Harpoon Naval Review '97 (reproduced here with the kind permission of Dave Scheuler at Clash of Arms and Mal Wright)

Northern Waters - another modern naval mini campaign bty Mal Wright [pdf file, 257k]

Yellow Coast - Wargaming the naval side of the Opium Wars.

The Dutch Wars - wargaming the three Dutch wars using "Form Line of Battle" (more DW stuff soon!)

The Battle of the Nile - Refight Aboukir Bay using FLoB

Note: There are several WW2 campaign packs on the General Quarters page.

Naval Wargaming Manufacturers and Publishers Sites

A&A Game Engineering - Purveyors of fine wargames rules (and an excellent painting service!)

Clash of Arms - Publishers of Harpoon, Command at Sea and Fear God and Dread Nought

Langton Miniatures - website for this illustrious supplier of naval wargaming materiel!

Navwar - extensive ranges in 1/1200, 1/3000 and 1/300, many periods

PT Dockyard - Fine 1/600 scale resin models of coastal forces small (and not too small) craft

Skytrex - more extensive ranges in 1/1200, 1/3000 and 1/300, again many periods covered, also 1/600 Coastal.

Vandering Publications - naval (and other) rules from Barrow in Furness!

War Times Journal - Excellent 1/3000 Pre-Dreadnought models for several nationalities, and the range is being actively expanded.

Links to Other Naval Resources

Here are links to some useful naval warfare and wargaming sites.

Naval Art

National Maritime Art Collection -



Naumachiae - A review of Rod Langton's excellent ancient naval rules.


Age of Sail

The Inshore Squadron - Mark Barker's excellent new site, with Clear for Action in mind, well worth a look for anyone interested in Age of Sail.

Kamperduin Refought - the adventures of the Naval Wargames Society in the Netherlands

HMS Surprise - a frigate simulator for Windows 95/98 (useful links too!)

The Dutch Wars - a new site by Geert-Jan Kruijff

The Naval History of Great Britain - Naval history of Great Britain 1793 - 1827 by William James published 1837


American Civil War

Ironclads - Larry Enoch's gaming pages including his collection of 1/600 scratch built ironclads and other naval bits and pieces.

Index of Civil War Naval Forces, Confederate and Union Ships



The Russo Japanese War - homepage for the Russo-Japanese War Research Society

Navies in Transition - Phil Russell's site, providing an online resource for the period of naval transition from wooden walls through ironclads and pre-dreadnoughts to the great War (1837 to 1914).

The Virtual Proving Ground - The technology of naval war in the late 19th and early 20th century. A new site, expanding rapidly.

Peruvian Naval Campaigns of the 19th Century - An excellent online reference


WW1 / WW2

The Naval Encyclopaedia - data on various naval aspects of WW1 and WW2 . Good links as well.

Germany's High Sea Fleet in the World War - Admiral Scheer's book, available onlinefrom WTJ

Nihon Kaigun - the Japanese Navy in WW2

USS Enterprise- The most decorated carrier in WW2

The PT Boat Page - devoted to the "mosquito fleet"


Post 1945

Royal Navy Homepage

The Falklands Conflict '82

Royal Australian Navy Homepage



All The World's Battlecruisers and Battleships - an excellent general naval warfare site, by Bob Henneman

Cap'n Dave's Naval Wargame Page - Dave Spurlock's naval wargames site

The Friedrich Files - An interesting collection of warship photos

The Naval Historical Center - "preserving, analyzing and interpreting its hard-earned experience and history for the Navy and the American people"

Lou Coatney's Homepage - loads of good naval stuff including excellent cardstock model ships

Maritime History - Great general source and many more links

Online Map Creation - great for generating campaign maps, just input the lat and long of the campaign area and away you go!

The Russian Navy

Maritime History and Naval Heritage Homepage

The Information Seaway

Nautical Research Guild - Ship Models & Nautical History

Miniature Wargaming Free Wargames Resources


Sci Fi and Fantasy

Yes, there are even sci fi and fantasy naval wargames out there!

Aquazone - an interesting set of submarine rules....

Man o War - The SFSFW page devoted to one of Games Workshop's Finest efforts!

Man o War - The System 17 page