GQ Submarine Attack Flowchart


This is a useful flowchart I created to keep track of submarine attacks during campaign games:


Things to check:

1) Does the force in the target hex have an 'A' mission in the air?

2) Has the submarine been ordered not to attack? If no orders, assume it has been ordered to attack.

3) Has the submarine been ordered to send a report before or after the attack? If no specific orders, assume it will attack and then send a report.


Submarine Attack Flowchart
Serial Activity Decision 1 Decision 2
1. Sub and surface ships in same hex Yes - go to 2 No - stop
2. Sub detects surface ships - roll a d6 Day
1-3 yes - go to 3
4-6 No - stop
1-2 yes - go to 3
3-6 No - stop
3. Sub ordered to send report prior to attack? Yes send report, then go to 5 No go to 4.
4. Sub in position to attack before sending report? 1-3: yes - go to 6 4-6: No - go to 10
5. Submarine in position to attack after sending report? 1-2: yes - go to 6 3-6: No - stop
6. Sub detected as it attacks? No air mission
1-2 before
3-4 during
5-6 not detected
Air Mission in hex
1-3 before
4-5 during
6 not detected
7 Sub detected prior to attack Sub cannot attack. Roll d6, add 1 per two DD/DE

6+ sub sunk
5-4 sub damaged
(3 sub driven off
8 Sub detected during attack Sub attacks with 4 torpedoes at 16" to 28" range. Roll on 9 for target choice
Roll d6, add 1 per two DD/DE

6+ sub sunk
5-4 sub damaged
(3 sub driven off
9 Sub attacks Roll d6 for target choice:
1-2 DD/DE
3-4 CL/CA
5-6 Largest ship
10 Sub ordered to send contact report after attack Yes - send report - stop No - no report sent - stop


Submarine in Same Hex as 'A' mission

Aircraft detects submarine on a roll of 1-4 on a d6.

Aircraft sinks submarine on a subsequent roll of 6, damages on 5, else no damage, sub 'driven off'

If aircraft does not detect submarine, submarine spots aircraft on 1-3, dives to avoid contact, then surfaces later to send an air contact report.

If neither aircraft nor submarine detect each other and there are ships in the same hex run through the Attack Flowchart above


Submarine Damage

If a submarine is damaged roll a d6: 1-3 cannot fire torpedoes, 4-6 can only fire two torpedoes

Two 'damaged' equals a sinking. Sinking includes sub so heavily damaged that it withdraws - roll a d6, 1-5=sunk, 6=heavily damaged and withdraws

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