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NWS “Battle Day” and Jutland Anniversary


A couple of ideas are kicking around, and input from NWS members is sought. The biggest is the oncoming Jutland 100th anniversary, an event which I am sure many naval wargamers will wish to mark. There is an outline plan to conduct a refight at the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth, however volunteers to take part and to organise are needed. If you’d like to help out drop one of the committee a line.


The second is the concept of as “battle day”, inspired by similar events that the Society of Ancients have run in the past. The idea is that a historical battle is chosen and is then fought out by visitors to the event using a variety of rules. For example, River Plate played out using GQ2, GQ3, Seekrieg, Victory at Sea, etc. This is just an idea at the moment and no serious planning has gone into it, but if its something that sounds interesting to you then again drop us a line.



Naval Wargames Weekend, 2016


The Naval Wargames Society and the Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower are holding the sixth weekend of naval wargaming at the Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower in Gosport, Hampshire. The date has yet to be decided but will be in late June /early July. Watch this space for details!


The emphasis of the event is on games and getting together, and we had a lovely selection in recent years year. Although it is primarily a gaming event there may well be some trade stands attending too and traders are welcome to attend (be aware it is a small event). We are on the lookout for volunteers to run games at the event. If you'd like to put on a game on either or both days please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Plenty of space and tables are available and there should be room for upwards of ten tables available of varying sizes. Space is available in the museum grounds for camping over the weekend. Admission to the museum for the weekend will be free for those running games.


The aim of the event is to provide a forum where naval (and other) gamers can come together to run and/or play in each others' games. Games can be as long or as short as you like, and the intention is to include a few participation games so that members of the public can join in too. Traders who would like to attend would be more than welcome - please contact Nick Hewitt for details of arrangements.


For more details, or to book a table for a game for all or part of the weekend please contact Nick Hewitt nh "at" pnbpt "dot" co "dot" uk or me, David Manley. Contact details for the Explosion Museum are as follows:


Explosion! Museum of Naval Firepower

Heritage Way

Priddy's Hard



PO12 4LE

United Kingdom


Telephone: 023 9250 5600

Fax: 023 9250 5605

Mobile: 077 8741 5382

More information on the museum can be found here:








NWS Northern Fleet - Falkirk East Central Scotland
Kenny Thomson, 1 Excise Lane, Kincardine, Fife, FK10 4LW
e-mail: kenny@falkirkwargamesclub.com - Website: http://www.falkirkwargamesclub.com

Falkirk Wargames Club meets each Monday night at 7pm with a variety of games running each evening. Naval games are popular with 2 or 3 run each month. Campaign games sometimes feature in our monthly weekend sessions. Games tend to be organised week to week making a 3-month forecast here a waste of time. Please get in touch if you'd like to come along.

• Popular periods - Modern (Shipwreck), WW1 and 2 (GQ), WW2 Coastal (Action Stations), and Pre-dreadnought (P Dunn's rules)

• The club will be having an Open Day on Sunday the 23rd of October 2005 and The Northern Fleet will be playing a number of naval games that day.

NWS North Hants [Every 3rd Sunday]
Jeff Crane 21 Taverner Close, Oakridge, Basingstoke, Hants, 01256 427906
e-mail: gf.crane@ntlworld.com

21st March - Contact Jeff for details. Date is negotiable


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