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1. The Society shall be called Naval Wargames Society.

2. The object of the Society is to promote naval wargaming and naval history throughout the world.

3. Membership shall be open to all persons aged 14 or over.

4. Membership of the Society shall entitle the member to four journals per membership period, entitled 'Battlefleet'. The aim is to publish four editions in each twelve month membership period.. Membership shall also entitle the member to benefit from discounts negotiated with traders and to participate in NWS holidays and events. Non members shall be eligible to participate in NWS holidays and events where the event organiser perceives a benefit to the Society, but shall in no instance be eligible for Society negotiated discounts.

5. The Society shall be managed by a Committee who shall be elected at the A.G.M and shall comprise the Chairman/Treasurer, Secretary/Membership Secretary, Battlefleet Editor, Newsletter Editor and one other ordinary member or Events Organiser. The Committee, during their tenure of office, shall have the power to fill any vacant office or Committee seat and to co-opt as may be necessary. The Secretary shall convene Committee meetings as and when required upon giving reasonable notice (normally seven days, but less if a Committee meeting is urgently necessary): or within 28 days of receipt of a written request signed by not less than two members of the Committee

6a. The Committee shall have power to appoint Sub-Committees to carry out such or the responsibilities of the Committee as may be delegated to them. At least one of the members of any Sub-Committee is to be a member of the Committee. Sub-Committees shall fix their own rules of procedure and elect their own chairman. The powers of a Sub-Committee shall be limited by terms of reference laid down by the Committee.

6b. Where any Sub-Committee is appointed with duties involving the receipt or expenditure of money the Treasurer is to be Treasurer of the Sub-Committee.

7a. The Secretary is to keep minutes of each meeting of the Committee which shall be approved at the succeeding meeting, or by circulation to the members of the Committee.

7b. Minutes of all meetings of Sub-Committees shall be kept and approved similarly.

8. The Subscriptions for membership shall be decided at the AGM.

9. The Committee may remove from the Roll of Membership, any member whose conduct upon any premises or activity occupied or organised by or through the Society, or elsewhere, is unseemly, objectionable or calculated to bring the Society into disrepute. No such member shall have any claim on the Society for any subscription paid. Any such member shall have the right of appeal to a Special General Meeting, provided 28 days notice be given to the Secretary.

10. The Secretary or any other member receiving any money on behalf of the Society shall forthwith hand same to the Treasurer.

11. The Annual General Meeting, of which at least 14 days notice shall be given to each member, shall be held not earlier than 11 months and not later than 13 months after the previous AGM. The reports of the Officers (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Editor) shall be received, the Audited Accounts shall be presented; all members of the Committee shall be elected; the number to form a quorum at Committee meetings shall be determined; the Auditors shall be appointed by proposition and election; Rules and Bye-Laws shall be amended as may be necessary and any other business shall be transacted. The date and location of the Annual General Meeting shall be decided by the Committee, taking due regard of any and all factors which would maximise attendance by members.

12. The Auditors shall examine Accounts at least annually with the invoices and vouchers prior to the Annual General Meeting and shall be append thereto, a certificate to the effect that such are correct and fairly represent the expenditure and receipts of the Society and it's assets and liabilities and they may at any time inspect any book, document or property of the Society in the possession of any Officer or Member and make a report thereon in writing to the Committee. The auditor shall be a qualified accountant or other independent person qualified by experience in financial dealings.

13. The Committee may authorise payment of accounts and incur any normal liabilities on behalf of the Society. The Committee and Officers are hereby indemnified by the Society against any claim or demand in respect of any liability properly and bona-fide incurred on behalf of the Society.

14. Upon the requisition in writing, duly setting out the purpose, signed by at least twelve members and delivered to the Secretary, the Committee shall within 28 days convene a Special General Meeting of the Society. Upon such a requisition being duly served and not complied within 28 days, the requisitionists may themselves convene a Special General Meeting of the Society by giving seven days notice in writing to members, duly setting out the purpose for which such a meeting convened by the Committee. No other business other than contained in the requisition may be discussed at a Special General Meeting.

15a. Decisions, whether at Annual General, Committee or Sub-Committee Meetings shall be by simple majority, except that:

15b. Any Member of the Committee may only be removed by :

i) a majority of two-thirds of the Members present at any Special General Meeting convened under Rule 14 and such vote may be taken by ballot, or:

ii) a majority vote at a Committee Meeting if that Member has failed to attend two consecutive Committee Meetings without good cause.

16. The Chairman of the Committee has a casting vote in the case of a tie.

17. Any Bye-Laws and Regulations made by the Committee shall be published by being promulgated in the society journal 'Battlefleet' and shall thereafter have all the force and effect of this Constitution, but shall be submitted for submission at the next Annual General Meeting.

18. The Committee shall have the power to legislate upon a point not provided for in the Constitution.

19. The Society shall encourage the formation of Regional Groups. The Society shall not support any such groups financially, but the Committee shall render all available assistance regarding help, advice, support and information.

20. In the event of the Society being wound up, the property and assets of the Society shall not belong to the Members of the Society, but shall be made over either some other institution with objects similar to those of the Society as the Officers of the said Association may determine or to any institution recognised by law as a charity which the Committee of the Society in it's sole discretion may direct.

21. The membership list of the NWS shall be published in Battlefleet, taking due cognisance of members wishes to be excluded, and of the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

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