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Back numbers of Battlefleet are available to any members who wish to add to their own collection. Each issue from Volumes 18, 20-22 are available. Volume 22 is A4 sized and covers 1996. The other three volumes are A5 sized and cover roughly from 1989 to 1995. No copies of Volume 19 or 17 and earlier are available. A5 issues are 50p each, A4 ones 1. Please include a flat rate charge of 50p to cover postage and packing. Please make any cheques payable to the Naval wargames Society and send to, David Manley, whose address is in the subscription section.

Each article is loosely indexed under broad subject headings, giving a brief description as to the nature of each one. They are indexed as V22/3 i.e. Volume 22, Issue 3.

Armada & Napoleonic, American Civil War, Pre-Dreadnought, WW1, WW2, Modern, Miscellaneous, Book Reviews, Model Reviews, Computer Reviews, Rule Reviews & Modifications.

V20/2 It's a Shambles, 1588
Account of the Spanish Armada action in the English Channel on 2nd August 1588, with 4 maps.

V20/4 Recognition Flags and Identification Numbers of the Mississippi Squadron in the ACW
Article with diagrams and a list of id. numbers.
V22/3 Hampton Roads, Part 2
A battle report of an ACW action using Peter Pig's "Hammerin' Iron" rules.

V20/4 Early Destroyers
Article on early DD's and TBD's built at the turn of the century.
V21/4 Fast Play Pre-Dreadnought Rules, 1880-1906
Simple set of rules for this period.
V22/3 Some Thoughts on Naval Gunnery, 1865-1914
Article on the factors that influenced the success of gunnery during this period and the attitude of the officers involved.

V20/1 Battle of Zante Island, 7th August 1914?
Article on whether Adm. Troubridge was right not to engage the Goeben when speed , armament and armour are taken into account.
V20/2 Night Action
Solo scenario loosely based on the night action at the Battle of Jutland in 1916.
V20/4 Battle of Zante Island Refought
Action report. Troubridge vs. the Goeben. Based upon views raised by article in V20/1.
V21/4 North Sea, 1916
Battle report of mini campaign between Grand Fleet and High Seas Fleet in 1916.
V21/4 Was Troubridge Right?
Further article on whether Adm. Troubridge was right not to engage the Goeben.

V20/1 Great War in the Pacific, 1935
Battle report of alternative history engagement between RN/French warships and IJN forces.
V20/2 Radar Sets of WW2
Article on various types of WW2 radar. Plenty of stats, ranges and notes etc.
V20/3 Visions Across the Pacific: US Plans for a War against Japan, 1906-1945
Extensive article (in similar vein to one in V18/3) on USN war plans and theories on combating the Japanese in the first half of the century.
V21/1 Victory in North Africa, 1941
Alternative history battle report of a land and naval campaign in N. Africa.
V21/1 Convoy HX106: What If..........
Report on hypothetical engagement between Scharnhorst & Gneisenau vs. HMS Ramillies in 1941.
Japanese Destroyers of WW2 - Selected Histories
Set of 4 related articles on the histories of several IJN destroyers.
DD Mutsuki
V21/2 DD's Fubuki, Ayanami and Akatsuki ("Special Type")
V21/3 DD Shiratsuyu
V21/4 DD Asashio
V21/3 Japanese Bangors
Article on British built minesweepers captured at Hong Kong by the Japanese.
V21/3 Action of Samar
Article and scenario (plus battle report) on Battle of Samar in October 1944.
V21/3 Japanese Ship Names
Translations of the names of some of the IJN's more famous warships.
V22/3 Battle of Koh Chang
Article and scenario on the engagement between French and Thai forces in SE Asia in January 1941.
V22/4 Battle of Tassafaronga
Article and scenario (plus battle report) on the Battle of Tassafaronga in October 1942.
V22/4 How did Manley Power Influence the Sinking of the Haguro
Article on the background leading up to the sinking of the IJN CA Haguro in May 1945.

V20/2 Bomb Alley
Scenario. Argentine air strikes at San Carlos Water, 21-25 May 1982. Map, rules and stats included.
V20/3 Neustrashimy Class Frigates
Details of latest (last?) Russian frigate class.
V20/3 Red Banner
Fast play set of modern naval rules.
V20/4 Dire Straits
Mini scenario. North Korea invades South Korea in 1989 and attempts to destroy a reinforcements convoy.
V21/1 Banana Republics
Mini campaign/scenario using 2nd rate naval powers.
V21/2 Disputed Territory
Mini campaign on a clash between Australia and Indonesia after a diplomatic incident. Maps and Orders of Battle included.
V21/2 Sea Wolf
Set of modern naval rules. Stats included for aircraft and weapon systems etc.
V22/3 Indonesia, 1965
Background article on the Indonesian Confrontation in 1965 plus hypothetical mini campaign.
V22/4 East of Suez
Mini campaign rules based on the RN's capability "East of Suez" between approximately 1962-1967.

V20/1 Sea Mine
Large article on the history, development and use of mines since 1854.
V20/1 Battle of the Atlantic - The Western Approaches Museum
Description of a visit to the Western Approaches Museum in Liverpool.
V20/4 Take Off
Article on aircraft launching operations.
V20/4 Princess Royal Forts
Article and description of a visit to the Princess Royal Forts in Australia.
V21/1 Damage
Extensive article on how ships take damage from combat plus a look at damage effects using several printed sets of naval rules.

V20/1 North of Gallipoli: The Black Sea Fleet at War, 1914-1917 by George Nekrasov
V20/1 Last Year of the Kriegsmarine by V E Tarrant
V22/3 Secret War for the Falklands by Nigel West

V20/1 1:2400 Hallmark 74 Gun 3rd Rate and Spanish Great Ship.
V20/3 1:700 Waterline Models from H P Models of Germany.
V20/3 1:600 Peter Pig American Civil War Vessels.
V22/3 1:2400 GHQ HMS Exeter (1939 variant).

V21/3 All at Sea with Computers
Article and review of the naval computer games Dreadnought, Great Naval Battles of the North Atlantic and Jutland.
V22/4 Age of Sail
Review of naval computer wargame set in days of the American War of Independence to the end of the Napoleonic War.

V20/1 Hammerin' Iron
Mini review of Peter Pig's ACW naval combat rules.
V21/4 General Quarters Amendments
Rule modifications and amendments to iron out some of GQ's bugs and expand on areas not covered by the original two books.
V22/4 Advantage System
Modifications to Air to Air Combat in GQ using initiative ratings etc.






















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